The 6th Annual Holiday Contest for Susan Leonard Hill

I absolutely love all that Ms. Susanna Leonard Hill does for the writing community. She is such a gem. For this year’s annual Christmas contest she asked entries to be 300 words or less (and as you can see I used every last word!) and based off the basic format of the Twelve Days of Christmas. What fun it was to stretch my creativity and come up with this silly poem. It won an Honorable Mention in the contest, an award that has left this aspiring author giddy. What a great boost! Anyways, enough of my jibber jabber…

12 Days After Christmas

by Kathryn Rammell 

300 words

Dear Mrs. Claus,

Sorry for the delay! 

Had some trouble with the sleigh. 

The day after Christmas was blustery 

and we careened into an old pear tree. 

Day two after Christmas I took the sleigh to a shop.

I had hoped it would only be a quick stop,

But the mechanics made me twist my gloves. 

Guess that’s what I get for hiring doves.

The doves didn’t help out a lick 

So day three I hired a chick. 

Not sure why I trusted a hen 

To help me take up flight again… 

Day four after Christmas, I tried to phone. 

I know how you hate being home alone. 

But out here there is such poor connection, 

I’ll try again when there’s better reception.

On the fifth day I bought you a beautiful ring 

So upon my return my neck you won’t wring. 

On day six I hired several grey geese. 

and looked for a short-term sleigh on lease. 

But while I waited, stuck on the ground, 

all the geese were just lying around.

Day seven, I fired the geese and hired swans, 

But when I returned they were all gone! 

I searched for the birds and found them swimming, 

A sight that left me far from grinning.

I decided to bring in a brand new team.

No more birdbrains for me, or so it would seem. 

Maids, Ladies, and Lords; they’d get the job done!

But when I checked back, they were just having fun.

Dancing and leaping, while my wallet they’re milking.

I’ve been so depressed with all of this bilking.

Day eleven and the sleigh’s all gone but its piping.

Apparently money’s not all they’ve been swiping…

Day twelve after Christmas and I’ve decided I’m done.

I’ve started walking toward home, beating my drum.


Mr. C


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