The 2nd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!!!

The Cootie Case

by Kathryn Rammell


It started morning of Valentine’s Day

when Evelyn Rose came my way.

She gave me a card with hearts and swirls,

then hopped along to the other girls.


I don’t know why they blushed and giggled,

but ever since, I’ve wobbled and wiggled

with a terrible headache and an awful itch

and a knot in my tummy that’s making me twitch.


Girls won’t go near me. They tell me I’m ill.

When I go by, they take off with a shrill.

They say it’s deadlier than a cold or the flu.

But what they’re talking about, I haven’t a clue!


I’ve gone to the doctor. He says I’m not well.

He’ll run some tests that will hopefully tell…

Oh the agony! It’s worse than expected.

It’s dreaded Cooties that they’ve detected!


What will I do? How to go on?

Might as well be dead and gone!

But wait, doctor says that there’s a cure

and warns me that it’s a bit obscure…


All I need is a Cooties shot:

Two small circles, a tiny dot-dot!

Next Valentine’s Day, I’ll be on my guard

and say “No!” to any heart-covered card!


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